What makes us tick

~ Adorn For Hope ~ is a registered organization dedicated to creating top quality handmade treasures to decorate and beautify your life, while your support helps others to help abandoned children living on the streets of Manila and orphaned children in Cebu.

S H A R I N G   T H E   L O V E   ~   S P R E A D I N G   T H E  H O P E

The profits go to support www.onesimo.ch a Swiss non-profit missions-organization, and Young Focus, an English-Dutch organization, both working with street children who live in poverty in the streets of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. They are given the chance to finalize their basic education, possibly also an apprenticeship, which in turn increases their chances to get employment as they grow into adulthood. Helping teens to help themselves, giving them HOPE for a sustainable future. Visit the two Facebook pages for Onesimo: Onesimo Friends and Onesimo Foundation and for Young Focus

A tiny bit about the one who started this project: I love handicrafts and missed doing them for a few years. I restarted my hobby full speed with helping others in mind, be it learning to crochet or knit for fun, or being involved in educating teens for a profession for their adulthood in the Philippines. I live in Switzerland, after growing up in the US and in Sweden. My husband and I have adopted our son from the Philippines. Seeing the poverty there, and other such places around the world, just breaks our hearts. We want to give back/offer opportunities to those, who started their lives with less than we were given.

I am a perfectionist, being enthusiastic about quality. Your orders will always be made with the same strive for completing that perfect item or gift, as I do when making each one for the most important people in my life.

If you would also like to join in with making things to donate to the store, just send me a message and I would be happy to chat with you about that. Thank you!