Adorn your home,
your wardrobe,
your life.

Proceeds go to children in need of desperate help. Some live on the streets of the Philippines, others are waiting to be adopted into a forever family. Your purchase is automatically a donation to the cause.

Over 10 years of support to children’s aid + job creation.


Men, Women, Children

For humans and their homes

Every cent counts

Eye-Openers in Numbers

100 000 000

The estimated amount of children living in the streets in the world today. They are especially vulnerable to victimization, exploitation, and the abuse of their civil and economic rights, suffer from hunger and health issues and often are not able to attend school.


will allow a child at the Children’s Shelter of Cebu to get a birthday present on his/her special day. They have a party with all the children and celebrate each child. The love this organization gives these children is more than amazing. Our son’s first HOME.

12 years

since we started supporting children in the Philippines with the project Adorn For Hope, through these fantastic organizations. The amount of children who have been helped to switch paths to a healthier, more educated, and more fruitful life, is priceless.

$ 30

is the amount for 1-2 lunches, eating out in Switzerland.
It would also cover 1 month of focussed teaching and supplies for 1 primary school child for 1 month in Manila.

Create opportunities for creating

There is never a better time than the present to learn more handicrafts and make items unique to you. The availability of ordering online, the array of learning videos and online forums, the additional time spent at home, working from home or purposely avoiding crowds as we learned during the pandemic. Here are some ideas;

  • Online webinars and one-sided conference calls are the perfect time to work on your projects; the activity helps you stay awake and hear more of the content (unless it’s a complicated project. Maybe stay away from challenging levels…).
  • Craft when your kids are playing, doing homework, or practicing sports. > Easier than trying to concentrate on reading a book while watching them, just sayin’.
  • It’s a perfect multitasking activity while watching the news, or when keeping the kids company while watching batman for umpteenth time…
  • While riding on longer road trips (you might have to take a motion sickness pill though 😉 )

You get it; the possibilities are endless if you take the time to look at it with an open mindset.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A real eye-catcher”

‘What a beautiful creative pattern,
a real joy to make!’
Michelle M.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the simplicity”

‘I can’t wait to create my next project.
It was easy to download and well worth the donation!’

Nadine B.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Amazing quality”

‘I’m really appreciating the quality and presentation of the finished item I ordered. They loved the gift.’

Josh T.

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