Pennant Banner Green Full

Hand crochted cusomized pennant banners

New! Personalized/customized hand-crocheted pennant banners in 100% cotton, washable, with custom cotton fabric on back side which folds over to the front for a beautiful frame of the celtic letters.

Each pennant is 18cm long, length of banner depends on number of penants wanted. This 6-pennant banner is 170cm long, for additional number of pennants add, 20 cm per pennant.

Price (donation) for the banner with 6 pennants is chf 49.00, add 5.00 CHF for each additional pennant; 7 = 54.00 CHF, 8 = 59.00 CHF etc.
Any color combination you wish for, we can (usually 😉 ) make.

Send a message to us with all your wishes and we will get started on your custom banner right away!


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