In times such as this…

Stores are opening, restaurants too.

We will all be closer to other people in the next step of the pandemic: leaving the house.

2 styles – 2 filter pocket options – 2 different fabrics inside and out – different sizes – and lot’s of colors!

If you are looking for a reuseable and washable face mask, we can make yours for you! Here are a few images of already-made and delivered, to physio-therapy clinics, doctors and nurses, people in risk groups and to those who would rather have reusable, washable colorful mask than disposable ones.

Remember: masks are only a support to the very important distance, hygene and cleaning precautions which should always be practiced!

*The webshop is being revised, please send a message for any questions or orders to adornforhope AT

Sent from Switzerland, proceeds go to the children’s work in the Philippines as mentioned in ‘What makes us tick’. Donations are welcome


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