~ New! ~ Decorative Customized Pennant Banners in the shop

Finally ready!

I was working on and off on this for a while now. I had a few animal orders to get done but I sooooooo wanted to get this photographed and posted.

The pennants are hand crocheted, with celtic letters in 100% cotton yarn, framed and backed with cotton fabric and sewn together as a banner. The total banner length is 170 cm for this 6-pennant banner and costs CHF 49.00. For each additional letter/pennant, the length will increase by ca. 20cm. Please add CHF 5.00 for every additional letter/pennant requested;

6 = 49.00 CHF

7 = 54.00 CHF

8 = 59.00 CHF  etc.

More colors are available. Actually ~ANY~ combination you want, we will make. The ADH-cotton fabric arsenal has been refilled with wonderful patterns and fabrics, and I am looking forward to all the wonderful combinations which we will be making. Be inspired, and send us a message with your ideas and wishes!

Pennant Banner Green/Multi
Banner Green/Multi
Banner Green/Multi detail



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