AFH website back online

It’s been a bit over 13 years since the Adorn for Hope foundation was born. In between the original website and now, we had a webshop hosted on another platform which has been disconnected, and we are now back on WordPress which we are very happy about!

There have been many items added to the shop of items for sale. Much has been sold at regular markets in the area, and gathered a good sum to support our wonderful partners in the Philippines: Children’s Shelter of Cebu, Onesimo, and Young Focus. These are amazing organizations, working solely on donations, sponsors and gifts, doing amazing work for the youth in the Philippines. These children are less fortunate than anyone should have to be.

You can read further about the work they do and why we support them with the proceeds of all items purchased in the name of Adorn for Hope. Donations are also warmly welcome!

In order to do a quick flashback on the past years’ decor items, here is a gallery of some of the handmade treasures, which bring HOPE…


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