First available items

The idea started to make these little critters when I posted a picture on Facebook of the first one which I had made, and got so much positive feedback. If I can start making something that people would like to purchase, than I could also teach others to do so. For now they are only created by me. But can you imagine, how great it would be if teens from the streets of Manila are helped to get off the streets, get support to finish their basic school education, and the opportunity to learn a profession like e.g. being a seamstress, and then be able to sustain a future by making such items which so beautifully adorn our children’s’ room and our homes? That drives me!

Here is a group photo of the first batch of these little animals loved by young and old alike, which can be ordered by sending us a message on ‘order/contact us’.

Not completely finished: Hippi, Geri, Ella, and Zebbi -

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  1. I will order some you can send with the girls back when they spend Easter Vaccation with you.

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