~ New! ~ Decorative Customized Pennant Banners in the shop

Finally ready! I was working on and off on this for a while now. I had a few animal orders to get done but I sooooooo wanted to get this photographed and posted. The pennants are hand crocheted, with celtic letters in 100% cotton yarn, framed and backed with cotton fabric and sewn together asContinue reading “~ New! ~ Decorative Customized Pennant Banners in the shop”


Ella, toenails and all

Ella joins the group, now completely finished, with painted toenails and all! Ready for you to take her home, or send as a gift to someone else. Don’t forget, it’s all for a great cause!   🙂 Ella soooooooo wants a family.. Place your order and she will be made just for you, for aContinue reading “Ella, toenails and all”

First available items

The idea started to make these little critters when I posted a picture on Facebook of the first one which I had made, and got so much positive feedback. If I can start making something that people would like to purchase, than I could also teach others to do so. For now they are onlyContinue reading “First available items”